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About us

The PiXL Club

The PiXL Club is a collaborative of around 70 schools from across London and it is chaired by Sir John Rowling. Once a term they come together for a meeting to discuss how further improve their schools and their performance. Since the project started all schools have seen a positive impact.

The brief
The PiXL Club decided that a new part of their service for 2008 would be a website. The ida was that this would be a point of contact outside of meetings for all members, it was to be the networking site of the education world. They wanted the enrgy and collaboration to carry on when they weren't together in meetings.

Our solution
First of all the front-pages of the site had to advertise and entice other schools to join the scheme. So we put together a good colour scheme and layout, inspirational quotes feature throughout the ite just as they do in the meetings.

But behind the member login, we crammed the site full of interactive features to allow the members to access information, contact each other, look at upcoming and past meetings and even share files with each other. This was via a PiXL Club forum and filebank.

All the information displayed on the site is dynamic, meaning that it is stored ina databse and can be change regularly. We created an entire admin section for the site so that anyone in the club with an authorised account could update any of the information with very little IT skills and no special software, just an internet connection!