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About us

The PiXL Club

The Association was established in 1997, to support and provide community activities, initially on Durand Close, Carshalton. The work of the Association has grown and developed over the years and now involves the direct delivery of work, through its Projects, as well as supporting other local programmes.

The brief
The Riverside Association required a web presence and a way that the local community could access the vital information abou the centre and the activities that took place there. Also the website needed to provide a way for the staff to talk to each other about various issues and contact members of the centre in mass.

Our solution
Firstly we created a friendly welcoming front page with all the information the user may need. The homepage contained a news feed that could be updated by staff, a calender with any upcoming events on it, links to various pages on the site and a slideshow of pictures captured by our photographer to positively portray the riverside centre.

We constructed a staff portal containing some very vital tools for the running and management of the centre. The staff could update the news feed, add events, email members of the mailing list, discuss subjects in the forum and many other handy tools.

The site also contained information on the centre itself, contact details and a page on an exciting new addition to the centre.